quarta-feira, novembro 08, 2006

Must love dogs

Jake: I think your heart grows back bigger ya know, once you get the shit beat out of you. And the universe lets your heart expand that way, cause thats the function of all this pain and heartache that you go through and you gotta go through that to come out to a better place.


Jake: It's a long story, something about the violation of expectations and a crushing loss of faith, and love, and life, and art.

Bill: So it's a girl?

Jake: Yes.

Bill: I've had a little bit of girl trouble myself lately. But it is better to have loved and lost, am I right?

Jake: She was a unique constellation of attributes; she was my Hallie's comet. But the universe is designed to break your heart, right?

Bill: A philosopher as well as an artist, yes, it is we who suffer most.

(Must love Dogs, 2005